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 Posted: Mon Mar 13th, 2017 02:00 am
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Helmut F

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First I have found that job and other life really gets in the way of setting up a layout!  I have kinda disappeared for a while since things were set with the Christmas layout and I had  a decision.

Well it looks like I am going to renege on my O scale decision.

While I *really* like the size of O scale, not to mention the locos and other rolling stock I have obtained, I am finding it a bit more than  challenging to accomplish my goal of BPRC with these engines while still having at least analog, controllable sound.  I would really like to keep DCC as well.  The voltage and amperage are just over the line of most parts and systems available, and most stuff being 3 rail makes it that much more difficult.

Also, I am not sure I will be able to get anything going outdoors any time soon - that is a real time issue.  I have a 'new' position that has been taking a LOT of my time, plus my daughter is getting older and needs more attention and another due in May.  One is not supposed to chafe at these things, but free time is minimal.  That is all I will say there!  :bang:

That said I am going to do something indoors with On30 which is my second choice gauge - so it still is O scale.  I think it will be good experience if I ever get to do an outdoor layout, especially since I am still new to model railroading.

I hope to have a bit more time to at least post questions (as long as you all don't mind!) and do more research.  I still need to negotiate the space for the layout, although an indoor layout has already been agreed to.

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