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 Posted: Mon Mar 13th, 2017 01:07 pm
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Tony M

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Morning Si, that be over kill, the A/4's with the motors in the boiler have some grunt and pull 11 coaches with ease with a price tag $200 +, took some time to get the two powered tenders working, now I can run the tenders with out the front loco.

We have had good broad band speeds for years, did start off dialup and yes was a pain, even 4G on the mobile phone is faster, than the old dial up, we have NBN her fibre to the house to the house, 100mb's a second, I thought you have faster that us with board band .

Yeah it took some time but what I had to do was change pic to URL link, it is like putting a you tube file on the forum .

The most pics I put on a post is 4 yeah agree what you are saying about the forum being like a book, I love the forum can get so much info and help and everyone is friendly .
Here is the pic again you can see the wires I piggy baked from he first tender motor, painted them black to look like air hoses, worked out well no one at the old train club could pick the wires, they never see this loco again, As far as I know I am the only one in QLD  that has done this, do you know anyone that has done so in the UK.
I reckon the forum is a bit like face book.
We are going to be copping wild weather the whole week , BOB has just gone through it .

Tony from down under

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