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 Posted: Wed Mar 15th, 2017 01:13 am
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" Si, This would be perfect for me (post 122).
I've got a HO Plymouth that needs to be converted to 35n2 and the body should be easy to build.
Everything is simple, straight (well, kinda), and boxy.
Any mistakes I make will simply add to the 'charm' of the engine."

Hi Michael :wave:

ARH ! ... The 'Redneck Rolls Royce' huh ?
Well, even my Tri-ang Railways(TM) steeple-cab has more RIVETS than that ! ;)

Could be a good 'prototype' to choose Michael.
There's certainly not much there that the 'pickers & counters' could sink their teeth into !
If they tried, I think those suckers would end up with a mouth full of splinters. :bg:

The charm of the engine is indeed there in SPADES !
I think real wood, as opposed to styrene would be called for.
Somehow actual wood, does a really good job of looking like ... well ... WOOD.



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