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 Posted: Fri Mar 17th, 2017 12:42 pm
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Tony M

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Evening Bob C, yeah the wire stripper worked well, I was even stripping two wires at once, until I master the new stripper I had to use the other one to strip off a bit of wire cover on the feeder wire.

The last couple of days I have being working on the first and second block, it sure takes time when you have to cut the bus wires to go through three modules to the control panel at least there wasn't any feeder wires needed. Still a lot of work as I need to cut out a panel  one every second module for the wire plugs so the panel can slide up in under the module, having a rest the weekend, start planning the control panel I don't know if I will have a track plan on the panel, thinking of just marking what the block switch number is.
Was pretty hot here as well chased me inside the nice cool house peaked 36 degrees  and  humid as well, same the next couple of days .


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