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 Posted: Fri Mar 17th, 2017 01:42 pm
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Hello folks, I would like to introduce an even smaller gauge than Z. Is anyone here aware of T gauge? Perhaps you are but think 'Now that's just being silly".
It has now taken over from Z gauge as the smallest mass produced model railway scale -
And if you are thinking the movement must be rubbish, well I think you will be surprised -
Considering its size, notice soon after 2:05 how well it comes to a stop. They can start just as accurately. That modeller seems to be confused about the scale, it is actually 1:450 scale. Many T gaugers are using 3D printing to print out their own stock, someone is even working on a Big Boy. The gauge has it's own dedicated forum and Facebook page which are reasonably active.
I actually model in O gauge, but I have a keen interest in using the smaller scales to represent the smaller gauges. Within O gauge T gauge represents 5 inch gauge. Here it is next to my other ventures into the other gauges to give you an idea of size:-

From the back: Standard gauge  -  2ft / 3ft  -  15 inch (N gauge)  -  10 inch (Z gauge, just the track, sleepers altered)  -  at the front is T gauge representing 5 inch gauge . The brass O scale 5 inch gauge coach was my first attempt at scratch building. Since that photo I now have a T gauge locomotive.
Technology is getting smaller and smaller these days. I guess at some point we'll be able to have an O gauge layout on our O gauge layouts (UH!). I do know about Tiny Trains by the way (and smaller one offs), which at 1:900 scale I calculate to be equivalent within O scale to 1:20 scale (Fn2 and 3). Is anyone following this? ….. How are the old cogs up top coping with an eccess of scales and gauges? Well, before they seeze up completely, here's the fantastic movement of tiny trains:-
There is no motor inside the locomotives at this scale, they are worked via a conveyor belt system underneath. It could be a garden railway on an O scale layout. Trouble is they are quite a hefty price.

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