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 Posted: Tue Mar 28th, 2017 10:38 pm
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And now, some old photos from Mr. Peabody's "Way Back Machine"...Sorry Herb, they are black & gray.

Up at Pinos Altos, things are quiet today. A few empty ore cars have been spotted in front of the small water tank, that will require some switchin' and cussin' from the crew.
The tank was "inspired" by the funky tank on the Mann's Creek NG in W. Virginia. One can never tell what may ring yer bell!

Here are two old "tank cars" on the mine siding. The metal car has a FM pump on the side and the older wooden car has one on the end. Water is sometimes scarce along the Gila Rim and these cars are used to carry water to the mines.

Here's another view of the cars. The old wooden car was built years ago by my late friend John (Shayboiler) and is based on a Chuck Doan car shown in Finescale Modeler. John built this in On30 and it originally had a pair of disconnected log trucks but they didn't roll for s%^t so the car was given some "standard" SCPA&M trucks. This car saw many days outside under the hot Tejas sun, the weathering is real! The metal tank car has a Bachmann On30 tank, scratchbuilt underframe, and "SR&RL" Grandt Line trucks. well, you use whatcha have available. See how many On30 (O scale) items can translate into 1:35 narrow gauge without much fuss...

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