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 Posted: Wed Mar 29th, 2017 11:04 pm
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Hi again Doug.

Doug, I am more than pleased to help if I can.

There is no fault going back to the server-crash regarding these photos.

As far as I can tell, looking at Page 11, the 'fat photos'...

...are simply caused by 'Flickr' links to photos larger than you wanted.

There is no way that Freerails can change or alter these links in any way.

If they were simply faulty or 'corrupt' I suspect NO photo at all would show...

...not just the correct photo, but bigger than you wanted.

Since these links are essentially supplied by 'Flickr'...

...bad links must be a problem at their end, not Freerails.

I can't really say much more about it than that.

The situation with 'Themes' will be looked at soonish.

This in fact has nothing to do with the server-crash either.

They were changed before that happened.

The reason they have not been changed back to their previous settings yet... due entirely to my decision to 'watch the board closely'...

...following the problem in August last year.

As a result of this close watching...

...numerous problems have been 'mopped up' without any general comment about them.

The hours are long, the pay is terrible, but we are still surfing the internet rails ! ;)





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