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 Posted: Tue Apr 4th, 2017 06:29 am
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Here are a couple of photos I found of a diorama I built many years ago. The Cedar Tap RR ran in Central Texas, Lometa to Bend, in the early part of the 1900's. The little line was a 3 footer and hauled cedar posts from the breaks to the interchange at Lometa and the Santa Fe RR. There are very few photos of the railroad, none of it's only loco-a 26 ton Shay. And this old photo of the 60' by 80' shops with the master mechanic and a flat car is the only one showing any of the equipment.

Note the derrick car behind the flat and the screw jacks near the "boss"

Here's my O scale model of the shops. This was probably one of the most intricate models I have ever built, it had full interior framing and was sheathed with "corrugated tin" that I made from cookie pan aluminum sheets. I estimated that there was 13,000 sq ft (O scale) of this corrugated. The doors worked, there were lights inside, and the interior was detailed with machinery powered by overhead belts. I used a shop inventory (insurance) to help decide what to use.

And here is an HO scale model of the shops. As you may guess, I was totally bonkers about this building. The O scale building is long gone now but I still have this HO diorama. Looking back, I recall that it was the building of these structures that was the "kick", when they were done...I guess that I was done.
The pleasure was in the process, not so much in the ending.


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