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 Posted: Fri Apr 7th, 2017 09:51 pm
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That's how I made the point blade heel pivots  and tip joints in code55:

a suitable stretch was filed down and bent rectangular.  I ran wire ferrules through the ties next to the frog in order to provide a seat where the heels could pivot. The ends were then bent again and feeder wires soldered to them. Allwell underground and reliable contact.
Now for the tips:

I silver-soldered (very important! Don't use regular solder here. It will not hold up) contact lugs underneath and trimmed the eyes off -see next picture:

I then drilled suitable holes for 0.6mm brass pins. Their shafts were slid ( with the help of a tap-hammer ) through pre-drilled 0.5mm holes in the PCB throwbar turned around, so that the copper is on the underside. Then they were soldered to it and trimmed. make sure to cut the copper in the middle, so that there is no connection between the two tips.
If you want to I can show you the whole process of how I modufied an existing, poorly made switch this way.

Regards, H.
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