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 Posted: Tue Apr 18th, 2017 02:14 am
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W C Greene

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THE END IS NEAR!! Well, sort of...Soon we will be moving to the country, away from the "Big D" and it's expense! The poor old house is falling apart and property values are high as the it's time to git while the gittin' s' good. In about 3 months, us humans will be moving with 2 cats and a dog and the SCPA&M will be dismantled. Maybe it will get rebuilt as it is or more likely it will be built over! Things change, s#$t happens, and all those other things. No, you won't be seeing stuff for sale here...or anywhere. Not to change scales, the new project will be 1:35n2 and will follow, ready, the SCPA&M but with a different emphasis. Mines, scenery, running, and little smelter BS-that's too much "monkey business".
Until that day, I have my little On20 Gila Tram to keep me entertained with it's pokey lokies and tiny ore cars.
What else can I add?
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BTW-this ain't gonna change anything I do around here, I just may become more of an a$$hole!

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