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 Posted: Tue Apr 18th, 2017 05:00 am
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Gary I wrote: Very impressive Dr.G! Have to say this is going to be one of the most realistic logging railroads I've ever seen, as most of the ROW was dirt and mud as you've depicted. My "vision" for a logging railway is far more sanitized, as is typical for most modellers I think. I'm looking forward to seeing the final product. I also love what you did with the Bachmann OEM logging cars -- those turned out better than any kits I've seen.
Thanks for the kind words Gary. I really wanted to depict this kind of scene on the mini logger:


What a mess and safety hazard....dirt everywhere and slash and donkey loaders set on angles.

You can do this kind of down and dirty in On30. I did have the sanitized logging outfit ,you mentioned,  when I previously modeled in HO.

Glad you liked the log cars.......amazing what some paint and washes will do.


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