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 Posted: Tue Apr 18th, 2017 05:16 am
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Doctor G

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Si. wrote: " I think I need to get going on some backdrops the styrofoam blue is really sticking out! "

Hi Doc :wave:

' Kodachrome Blue ' as some photographers call it...

...just looks like a vintage colour-slide to me ! ;)

I was thinking, what on earth ?

Docs covered most of his nice rockwork up with logging slash !

Then of course seeing the other side of the micro...

...I guess you're going to have those rocks fairly exposed.

Can't quite believe you've glued all the slash & earth down ! :shocked:

It all looks really 'loose'.

Great stuff Doc. :thumb:



Hi Si:wave:,

Tonight I ordered some winter scene backdrops to get that last vestige of blue gone.:2t:

I did "the dirt " mixing real dirt  with Scenic Express's very nice ground foams. To apply, I put down straight white glue on the sculptamold underlayer. The dirt mixture was sprinkled on and the whole thing was misted with wet water. The white glue comes up by capillary action in to the dirt and it all drys hard yet continues to look loose. While the glue was drying I pressed in bits of twigs and dried root fibers to model the slash and voila:

I did only work a square foot at a time and the steep slopes were challenging!!!!

Doc Tom

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