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 Posted: Fri Apr 21st, 2017 06:12 pm
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What scale are we talking here? What voltage motors?

I'm in O-scale and the motors are typically 12-15 vdc can types. I generally use 9.6 NiMh or 11.1 LiPo packs in my tenders. The couple of engines I have that use 15vdc motors run fine at slow speed, but they're not very fast at the top end. I think I timed my 14lb. Williams brass 4-8-4 N&W Class J at just under 50mph wide open, my Lionel die cast 4-8-2 is about the same.

I could probably get away with 1000Mah packs as the 2000 and 2200 run for 2.5 hours or so and take about the same time to recharge. A 1000Mah pack would most likely run 1+ hours and take the same to recharge. Hey, just bring it in for "re-fueling" and put another engine to work!!!

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