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 Posted: Fri Apr 21st, 2017 10:52 pm
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Bob R wrote: Bob D
You mentioned 2-2 1/2 hour run time and an equal amount of time to charge.
Almost all batteries are designed to safely take a 1C charge which means a 1000 mah is charged at 1 amp, a 2000 mah at 2 amps etc.  At a 1C rate a battery should charge in 1 hour.
Many batteries are in fact designed to handle a greater rate of charge.  
Also, if you are getting 2 1/2 hours on a 2000 or 2200 mah pack your engine is drawing less than 1 amp.  Not bad for the large O scale you describe.

I have both chargers set at 1C rate, I guess that's why it's taking that length of time.  I think the NiMh charger can be set to 2C, need to look at the LiPo charger.
If I could remember to do it I would keep time of how long I run each engine and when they get close to the 2-2-1/2 hour mark bring them in for re-fueling before they stop dead in their tracks and finish the session with another engine.
I'm really surprised that I get over 2 hours run time on a charge, all the gurus said it wasn't possible.  Maybe cause I don't use smoke in any of my engines.  Or sound, although I don't think a sound card uses a lot of current.  I did wire in a 2" speaker and sound module into my Williams E7 that has a BlueRail board and have seen zero affects on battery drain.

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