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 Posted: Sat Apr 22nd, 2017 03:37 pm
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Bob D


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I just read that a 9.6v 2000Mah NiMh battery will hold up thru 1000 cycles.
If so, I take it I could run my engines 2+ hours every day for almost 3 years before having to replace the battery.
I started BPRC 2 years ago, at the rate I'm running my trains I may not have to buy a new battery ever!!!
I have 12 engines with batteries in them and another 6 I can convert.  At approximately $16 each that's $192 already spent and another $96 if I convert the other 6 engines, for a total of say $300.
That's not a bad deal when compared to a large AC or DC transformer or command control system needed to wire and run a layout.
I'm sticking with BPRC :glad:

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