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 Posted: Sun Apr 23rd, 2017 03:19 pm
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I've never sold anything, except for some old DCS/PS2 electronics that were replaced with BPRC.  When I see somethings being offered, I wonder why they bought it in the first place L:

I don't mind individual folks who do though, I like to pick up bargains when I can.

But when I see people selling week after week and often selling brand new equipment I begin to wonder if they are individuals, or businesses trying to get around the system.

The OGR forum has a good For Sale and Wanted sub-forum, but even there I see folks who are definitely in it as a business.  OGR claims zero responsibility for transactions in those forums, so anything that goes south is handled by the participants, although the crooks usually get booted, by word of mouth, fairly quickly.  I've picked up some nice pieces off their For Sale forum.

Here's their "Rules":

The posting rules here are pretty simple:
  • OGR Forum members may post items for sale in this forum only.
  • You are allowed ONE POST PER DAY.
  • If you have multiple items to sell, put them all in a SINGLE post.
  • You must list a price for each of your items. This is not an auction site.
  • Conversations about the products being sold should be done via email, not via additional posts on the thread.
  • "Bumping" is not permitted.
    If a post is added to your thread, that will "bump" it to the top. If you do that, the entire thread may be deleted.
  • If you add or delete items from your original post or change the price(s) by a significant amount, you may add a post to the thread announcing that. We won't consider that to be a bump.
  • Do NOT post "Email Sent." or other communications like that.
    That is considered a "bump" and the post will be deleted anyway.
  • Use pictures! Items listed with pictures sell much faster than items listed without pics.

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