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 Posted: Mon Apr 24th, 2017 07:40 am
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" I DIDN'T spend mega bucks for either locos or r/c equipment "

" The stuff I bought has been working now for ALMOST 20 years! "

" Yes, the boards are that old and the Li Po batteries are just about that old "

Howdy Woodie :cb:

I have to say, I wouldn't even be trying this project, without your inspiration. :bow:

I'm not 'pennyless', so I could EASILY go out & buy all the usual hi-cost R.C. gear, no problem.

However, as a kid with ZERO $$$, I always took on the challenge, to do what others paid 10x the price for, as a necessity !

Having just celebrated my 50th birthday last week ...

... I now actually ENJOY that challenge, and am always rewarded, when I can 'give the bird' to the jet-set !

I've consistently done this whilst designing & building electronics in vacuum-tubes, scientific-projects & more recently pro-audio.

" WORKS FOR ME ! "  -  Hannibal Smith, The A-Team.

- - - - - - -

" Low cost engines and RC gear always puts a smile on my face."

Hi Bob :wave:

It's nice to have a big smile about these things ! :bg:

Although the Model-Power Plymouth is indeed 'low cost' ...

... the R.C. system I'm putting together is intended to be HIGH QUALITY at 'low cost'.

I believe it would be just as at home in a $1000 dollar loco, as in the Model-Power Plymouth.

I'm just 'breaking the mould' & putting it all together for about £15 quid.

That includes ...

The receiver & electronic speed control.

The power regulator.

The battery.


The battery charger.

So far, I'm on budget as well ... £15 quid ! ... for the ENTIRE high-quality system !! :thumb:

That's inc. delivery P&P by the way. :shocked:

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