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 Posted: Wed Apr 26th, 2017 01:50 pm
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I was so impressed with the price of the 380mAh LiPo I found, for only £1.36p inc P&P ...

... that I decided to buy another one as well !

( I'm only chalking-up ONE on the £15 Quid budget though, OK ? )

So now I have TWO !  the same !!

I also had a bit of a further nose around, in the wonderful world of eBay.

Checking out all that CHINESE CRAP that some of you think I shouldn't be using !

It's ALL Chinese crap BTW guys ...

... The EXPENSIVE CRAP just gets a glitzy label stuck on it & they charge your VISA card more for it !


So I ended up with a 3rd LiPo battery as well.

31x20x7mm in size ( photo later ! ... ;) )

Cheapest I could find this one for as a 'buy it now' was £2.10p

Mmm ... a bit expensive !

So I held out, and went for an AUCTION on the same battery !!


Got the 250mAh LiPo for only £1.20p inc P&P :bg:

N  I  C  E  !




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