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 Posted: Fri Apr 28th, 2017 05:55 am
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It seems that these days, everyone can own a website to do with it whatever they want. If a "small time manufacturer" has something to sell, they need a site to spotlight it and promote/sell the product...but not here. I have some "dioramas" which I would like to begin selling but they are not really "model train oriented" and I will not offer them to this group. If I can find another way, others can also. Now it might be OK to post a link to a site but perhaps it should be prefaced with some type of disclaimer. This may be one of those "gray areas" or an outright "black hole".
The real problem is that something promoted for sale here and turns out to be crap might, MIGHT cause folks to condemn Freerails as being at fault for allowing this to happen. There are scammers out there, many in the model train hobby. Maybe most won't remember this but many years ago, a fellow began selling copies of SS Ltd. detail parts and kits...hell, they were worthless things made by a lousy mold maker who used the original SS parts, made "molds" and sold them in the model magazines. No internet then. After his scam was "discovered", his ads were taken off the mags but they still had to suffer readers writing about how they felt the magazines were complicit in allowing this to happen. And this is just one case of many others. That's probably why we (ME) don't want selling here. Do you see what I mean?


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