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 Posted: Thu May 4th, 2017 01:16 am
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Tony M

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Evening Tim and Si, there is another way to post you tube links, as usual win10 the you tube link doesn't work on mine  so on the k board you hit the ctrl and V key and that bring the any link you choose , right click the YT link hit copy and bingo link is in your reply, much the same when posting the pics from gallery for win10.

Here is a short video that will blow you away if I had a few thoudand to spare would by it save space in the layout and points.

Si I am still having that issue with the background colours coming up, every reply I do a preview now I clean them out , enjoy the video.
Saw on the news the other night you are still rugged up, the warm days are coming to an end here was nice here yesterday 31 degrees 

Tony from cool down under

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