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 Posted: Mon May 8th, 2017 07:58 am
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I've been looking at getting my Old Analog Controller 'lash up' fixed properly for a while now !

In nosing through some old materials...

...I came across a very nice piece of timber, I cut ages ago, for something completely different !!

It fitted the parts perfectly, and looks really cool with my 'dusted-off' Old Analog Controller mounted on it. :bg:

From left to right ... 1950s,  1970s,  1960s,  I think.

Hornby Dublo A.C. transformer, RELCO high-frequency unit, Tri-ang Railways P-42 circuit-controller.

The history of mooodern plastics ...

... From left to right ... Bakelite,  A.B.S,  Phenolic-resin,  I think. ;)

Chunky stud-mount Schottky-rectifiers, courtesy of my Bulgarian contact in the Russian space-program ! ;)

3300uF 63 Volt smoothing capacitor.

Some adapting of the Tri-ang P-42 to come, leads need modding, for 'walk-around' styleee.

More soon  .  .  .




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