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 Posted: Mon May 8th, 2017 11:47 pm
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" That old Brown & Sharp looks like a mighty fine instrument."

Hi Reg :wave:

It is a bit special, since I found it as a kid & have had it ever since !

The fact that it actually works & is useful is a great bonus !!

I do like tools with some 'history'.

I have a few other such gems, but none quite as OdD as an archeology find ! :shocked:

- - - - - - -

Well ... I never quite got round to 'Side 2' ;)

Like every great L.P. the flip-side always has some unique 'grooves'. :cool:

It looks from 'Side-2' that the ol' No.8 was previously owned by one ... E.H.Wood.

If it wasn't already obvious from the previous photo ...

... check out the 'knurling' !

This micrometer has been SERIOUSLY USED !!

I don't figure I've worn off more than 1/2 Thou" of knurling since I've been using it ! ;)




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