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 Posted: Sat May 13th, 2017 06:09 pm
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I do not have a better photo than the one you linked to showing the Gilpin Tram's snowplow #2.  In fact, it really doesn't show up in photos anywhere else. I think the structure on top of the plow front was some heavy timber (they must have been braced somehow) to increase the plow front. Otherwise, as you pointed out, it was a pretty short plow and not good for plowing any deep drifts. The curved metal blade intrigued me, too - could it have been a cut-down section of a boiler plate?

I wonder what color the snowplow was? It seems a darker color, so I assume it was painted. Perhaps it was regular railroad red or black, or even Tiffany Reefer green ! ;)
There have been posts on the Modeling the Gilpin Tram Thread, Part 1, where other modelers have posted their snowplow models - Woodie Greene in 1:35n2 and Greg Hiley in Sn2 come to mind, and there may have been more. Those may be idea-starters for your model.
Whatever the snowplow was, it had to have been a huge improvement over the previous equipment - pushing the snow with the flat pilot on the shay locomotive, and hand-shoveling the rest!


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