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 Posted: Sun May 14th, 2017 04:48 am
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Hi Michael :wave:

Yes it is, more or less.

I couldn't work out the shipping cost on your link, cos I didn't have a U.S. zip-code handy.

But, shipping was extra, & it seems like there are things in the deal you don't need, like a battery for example.

It did look to be coming from New York though, so might be worth a few bucks extra for speed.

I just very quickly found this one, which is in fact I think what I was looking at a few days ago.

FlySky Tx. & Rx. Twin-Set - $24.15c inc. P&P

This one doesn't include any extras, like batteries etc.

It is also a 2-channel transmitter, not a 3-channel like your link.

The cheap Flysky receivers, all seem to be 3-channel ones.

The difference appears to be, you either get a 2 or 3 channel transmitter.

The receiver will either operate as a 2 or 3 channel, depending on what is controlling it.

I didn't enter any specific code-numbers & stuff like that to search for it.

I just used the search-term 'FlySky Transmitter Receiver' ...

... and 'worldwide listings' then 'cheapest inc. P&P first'.

I found one the other day for about £19 U.K. pounds inc. P&P



When I find my £0.99p transmitter don't do $4!7 ... I'll probably have to buy one ! ;)


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