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 Posted: Mon May 15th, 2017 10:59 am
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Howdy Keith and everybody...The house will close in a couple of weeks and all is progressing alright. We plan to move in June or July (God willing) and that should be an ordeal for me, I ain't as young as I was or wish I was! However, the plan for the SCPA&M is to take the sections apart just like they went together. Some scenery will be messed up and all unglued structures and details will (of course) be boxed up. I really want to move the Hairpin Curve intact but we'll see. Whether the layout will have a "proper" place to be re-assembled is still to see. I know that some things will be changed, I have never been happy with the smelter area and plan to change things a bit. And that large slag pile behind the enginehouse...well...I am gonna cut it down or maybe get rid of it altogether. And since I am changing things, I guess that I will move the timeline further into the "future" to maybe before WW2.Of course pigs can fly!
And I have plans for more another "we'll see" idea.
Thank goodness that I have the little On20 Gila Tram layout, it has given me inspiration while I consider what will come. Just watching the little Shay & 0-4-4t haul their tiny cars around & around is good for the spirit. And knowing that my dear friend Joe got to have and run the little line before he died makes it all the better.
And I still have one faithful custom paint client who helps me out with dinero and he appreciates my work. I have been painting and doing custom work for about 40 some years and still love it when a plan comes together.
In conclusion, all is OK, I hope to take photos of the "last run" of the SC narrow gauge and post them here. Then it's "Katy bar the door" and the styrofoam dust will start to fly again.

As usual, UPDATE AT 11. That's the news from White Rock Lake this evening.

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