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 Posted: Thu May 18th, 2017 08:34 am
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Hi Guys :wave:

In looking at the battery connector situation & finding some to buy ...

... I have only just realized that the female cable-socket on my LiPos does not fit the male cable-plug on my 2 ESCs. :f:

The female cable-socket on the LiPos seems to be 'standard', with 2 small side-wings, as is the charger chassis-plug.

I really need to buy some matching male cable-plugs, to connect to the LiPos.

Does anyone know the name of the 'standard' LiPo/charger  socket/plug  connector ?

I have searched quite a bit & don't seem to see them coming up among battery connectors.

For other various connections, I think I am going to go with the 1.25mm pitch Molex micro-blade.

It seems easily available, whilst the marginally smaller 1.00mm less so.

The 2.00mm series seems fairly easy to get as well.


The correct name & finding the battery connectors, has me stumped at the moment ! :f:

Is the LiPo/charger connector generally called a 'LOSI micro' ? L:

Ah ! ... It seems to be called a 'JST micro 2.00' ( I think ).


It's nice to see most of the parts on the bench anyhow.

Their relative size can now be seen alongside a number of locos I have.


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