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 Posted: Thu May 18th, 2017 08:29 pm
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Howdy Woodie :cb:

It was a bit of a long slog ...

... but EVENTUALLY the LiPo connectors were found.

There does seem to be some confusion over the 'proper' name for some of these things.

I saw a number of eBay listings which were contradictory & basically WRONG.

The connector on my LiPos ( with the 2 side-wings ) & charger is called a ...

'LOSI micro T 2.0'


'Walkera micro 2.0'

They should be found eventually on eBay, using these search-terms.

The 'side-wings' confirm that the connector is correct, as I see no other connectors that have them.

I found a deal on 10x wired plugs & 10x wired sockets, for £1.26p inc. P&P

Also 10x plug & 10x socket shells with crimps, for £2.08p inc. P&P

I did have to search rather hard to find a good deal, as these connectors do seem to go for some dough.

I also got some JST 1.25mm pitch wired plugs & sockets as well.

These are I believe are also sometimes known as Molex micro-blades'.

This type of connector is used by Bachmann & Hornby a lot, so I discovered.

These are EASY to find & very cheap indeed.

You can get JST 1.25mm shells with crimps, but do they look tiny ? ... Yep !

I was impatient on the JST 1.25 ones & actually flashed some cash for a bunch next day.

The LOSI/Walkera 2.0 ones are coming from Ying Ping Jing Pong Provence & could take a while to get here.

However I only need 1 per loco/installation, whereas the JST 1.25mm ones, I will use for LEDs, motors & the cigar lighter !

Meanwhile I can 'bodge' the battery hook up ...

... no sweat. I've got a fire-extinguisher & asbestos underwear ! ;)



Need some other jazz, like really small heatshrink-tubing ...

... but basically, I have got all the parts ! :bg:

Now to get down to busting & burning 'em out !! :shocked: ;)


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