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 Posted: Fri May 19th, 2017 11:50 pm
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Helmut F

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Anyone happen to have any Hartland stuff along with LGB narrow gauge or Bachmann?

I currently have a Bachmann Big Hauler Porter 0-4-0 side tank and a Bachmann Spectrum 2-4-2 side tank and am wondering how they would look next to a Kalamazoo/Hartland 0-4-0 and other Hartland stuff.

I am considering the Hartland because it is probably a bit more sturdy/less details for children/guests.

I was given the measurements on a Hartland 0-4-0 and by size is it quite compatible with the two Bachmann locos (the cab is even a bit taller.

My other choices are the LGB 'westernized' Stainz type 0-4-0t's with cow catcher, etc. or Forney's or Moguls.  I am somewhat hesitant on the Moguls as my turn radius will be small, probably 5ft min.

If I find anything elsewhere on these size comparisons I will post back for completeness.

Thx for any help!

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