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 Posted: Fri May 26th, 2017 10:23 pm
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Helmut F

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Hey guys, I have started working on details for my RR and need to choose a coupler method.

I want to model the 1890 to 1910 time period (just because) and am considering either kadee G couplers or a link and pin style.  I do not want something super fiddly (mostly for non-model-railroading guests), but I am kinda warming up to the link and pin.  Is there a not-so-fiddly way to simulate link and pin but still maintain the methodology and some modicum of reliability (i.e. if you back up the 'pin' does not get forced out).  I have seen some pieces like a staple that represent both the link and the pin but am not sure how well they would work.

Thx for any input.  FWIW, I do not plan on the RR interchanging with others.

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