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 Posted: Thu Jun 8th, 2017 03:44 pm
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Hi Guys :wave:

Since Herb asked me to take on the role of Freerails 'General Manager' there has been an ongoing discussion regarding advertising.

Some of this originates from before my role as 'General Manager', some more recently.

Freerails has always been a non-commercial Site & is very unique in this respect.

I believe that the majority of Members want to keep it that way.

A number of Threads have been looked at in connection with this kind of problem.

Everything from adverts for 'online magazines', 'building kits', 'pdf downloads', 'electronic equipment', 'services' etc. etc.

Whilst Freerails is not saturated with this kind of use by Members, the problem does exist.

Some 'Members' it has been discovered, have ONLY posted adverts & nothing else !

Woodie hit the nail on the head, as far as I am concerned on this, by saying :-

" I do not like to read something that looks to be something it's not "

Many of the problem Threads have been 'thinly' veiled, as 'scratchbuilds', 'how to do its', 'video links', 'free magazine subscriptions' etc. etc.

It is blindingly obvious in ALL cases that have been looked at, the COMMERCIAL origins of the Threads in question.

John (oztrainz) and myself have discussed the matter, at great length on the phone.

The matter has also been discussed in the 'Crew Forum' by the entire Freerails Crew as well.

If any Members would like to comment on the situation regarding advertising & product placement Threads, it would be good to hear.

Bear in mind, someone has to make decisions about these things, so 1 rule for 1 thing, & 1 rule for another, isn't a realistic option.

I would welcome all & every comment on these matters from Members.

The debate has continued, somewhat tediously to be honest.

But keeping Freerails advert & product-placement free, is worth talking about.

The vast majority of Members are well aware of the commercial-free aspect of Freerails & respect that when Posting.



BTW ... None of this affects 'genuine' Members, Posting for example ...

" I like this Tamiya kit & got it for $xx.xxc " etc.

This is a recommendation, is a part of modeling, & obviously Posted by a 'modeler', not an 'advertiser'.

I'm sure that's fairly obvious.

In other words, this does NOT effect what 99.9% of Members are Posting.


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