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 Posted: Fri Jun 9th, 2017 04:24 am
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I'm not against links to free mags like MRH, etc. Just selling stuff here. Now if somebody wants to tell about a Tamiya (etc) 1:48 Jeep kit and describe it and maybe even show a how-to about assembly, that's OK by me also. But if the poster includes "this kit (whatever) is available from me or maybe my website for $XXXXX" then I would consider the post to be selling something. Hell yes, I have lots of crap that I would love to get rid of for money but I won't use this forum to hawk my junk. Now would I post a link to my website, blog, whatever that has my junk for sale? NO! Get my drift?
That's my opinion and I realize that opinions are like a$$h)&^$%...everybody's got one!


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