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 Posted: Mon Jun 19th, 2017 03:19 am
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Hi all,
it's been a while, so it's time to give this thread a poke again to see what falls out. 

Over the weekend I found that one of the convention attendees managed to catch the incline part of the layout in action during testing on Good Friday. At the time the incline ropes had not been installed and the tipple building was down on the standard gauge tracks near the Screens building so we could watch the "tipper-outer" in action.  Here's the video -

There needs to be 3 loaded skips on the tipple deck before anything happens at the bottom end. The arriving 4th skip, nudges the 3 parked skips forward and triggers the tip cycle. 

I'm not sure if we've covered the design and operation of the tipper-outer on here previously. If not, then this might be a good place to cover it? Or we go back to where we were at the top of Page 15 and go back to building the rest of the layout?

Your call on this. I can go either way, or perhaps even to somewhere different in the Corrimal saga?? 

John Garaty
Unanderra in oz
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