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 Posted: Tue Jul 4th, 2017 09:40 pm
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Chriss H

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I've only found 3 books on the Gilpin Tram specifically. 
The bible is the Dan Abbot - "The Gilpin Railroad Era" book - expensive at $75-150
Frank Hollenback's book the Gilpin Tramway also pricey at around $75+
Mallory Hope Farrell book "Gilpin Gold Tram" is an excellent value, it has many of the same drawings in Frank's original book, I've seen them regularly show up on eBay in the $25-40 range. Wait for a lower cost example to show up and grab it, it's a great book. It was the first book I got, (I have all three), and I gotta say it's a good read with a lot of accurate information inside.


I'm a Colorado mining district afficianado. Planning a layout in HOn3 based on the Gilpin County area.
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