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 Posted: Sun Jul 9th, 2017 02:35 am
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Tony M

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Used the cross jig for the first time today and WOW she worked perfectly, I just have to sort out the best way to cut the small strips of ply.


Pics one is after cutting the 8 pieces of ply for the module post hinges, pic two showing how I made a clamp to cut the 8 pieces at the same length.

The jig will for sure speed up the cutting of the sides of the modules, today I will screw the pieces of ply onto the module legs with the hinge and paint in under the module. Tomorrow paint the top side of the module and back into nailing the track and points and all over again the bus wiring never ending all goes well will come to an end just before Christmas worth the long build.

Before I used the jig I did a mock-up point plan swapping the points around, worked out well, will have to buy the single slip cross over now saving on a couple of points.

Tony from cold down under , we had over night 1.4 degrees ouch to a nice 22 degrees today.

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