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 Posted: Mon Jul 10th, 2017 03:57 pm
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Tony M

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There is no more mock-up module point plans for the first approach module car port end, got the nod to actually get the track gang on the move and start nailing down the points  permanently, modules is now fully painted as well.

Where you see the cross over I have the point back to front, have to go to the hobby shop in Ipswich and buy the right one, the only other change is  in shifting the diamond cross over to the first point.

Going to be a lot of fun and tricky bus wiring , what I hope to do is further up just past the last approach  module is the first curve there I will have  cross over points to the left track and hoping switching the point will cut the bus wiring but the bus wiring in front of the point be still powered, will  have operating three way  signals. will that idea work?????

Full swing into track and point laying, I will have to mark centre holes on the points for s switch bar.

Tony from down under

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