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 Posted: Sat Jul 15th, 2017 02:03 pm
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However, I found that we had some unacceptable stalling at the one exhibition we've done so far. As well as trying to sort it through conventional means, i also wanted to have one RC loco.

Another Bagnall was chosen, and I started building the body from an old Wrightlines kit. It was however designed to go on a RTF Pug chassis,and I needed to build an entirely new one.

The first step was to draw up the frames and coupling rods on CAD. I blew them up to twice size, and laser cut them out of 2mm MDF to form templates, which I glued to another sheet of MDF. I then milled out these, and subsequently all the chassis components out of nickel-silver (mostly 0.028") using my little Proxxon pantograph engraver which I have modified to light milling.

The chassis is entirely silver-soldered, which makes for a lively strong and stable assembly.

The battery is a 650mAh, which will fit in the boiler (just!) And the motor is a little 6v 5:1 gearmotor, with a 20:1 final drive, which gives me a very nice appropriate speed at 3.7v

Radio by Deltang of course.

03B65D83-16E9-46C2-88CB-7D1F63F78992_zpsgmmk0e2a by giles favell, on Flickr

E705FDA5-8F95-4840-B673-60B3755F151B_zpssatbobgp by giles favell, on Flickr

070BF448-E4AF-4FA3-9E97-E0E780C825D3_zpsgclrchfq by giles favell, on Flickr

Pantograph Milling by giles favell, on Flickr

9D9C4ED7-0181-440B-AB22-EEA806A6267B_zpsjpe3ivwi by giles favell, on Flickr

Bagnall motion brackets silver soldered on by giles favell, on Flickr

Cylinder with valve guide and sleeve by giles favell, on Flickr

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