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 Posted: Sat Jul 22nd, 2017 01:07 pm
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Tony M

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I have made the bus wiring panel of the module, with the help of the cross cutting jig made it a lot easier and quicker to cut the pieces of ply needed.

Still I have to move the panel up evenly or it will jam at least it doesn't drop back down when up inside the module frame.

I still have to make a smaller one to take three more blocks for the planned extension for the main line, for two passing loops and single track, I have yet again redesigned the back of the layout and scrapping the double deck cable stay bridge, was going to cost too much to build.

Have come up with my own design still a double deck bridge but with the arch design like the Sydney Harbour m bridge, arch be cut out of ply and main span 11feet and height of the span 18 inches in two half's, making use of the sheet of ply I have got., I be using 5mm dowel for the top deck supports. Be a quicker bridge to build, will still need the cut framing between the road and rail deck, be making a bracket to join the two half's of the arch still be an awesome site indeed  and a second feature for the layout.

Tony from cold down under has being a cold week.

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