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 Posted: Mon Aug 7th, 2017 04:20 am
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W C Greene

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Since I'n mot working on my 35n2 SCPA&M layout right now due to packing & moving, I have been putting many more miles on the little Gila Tram. And particularly it's little old Shay. The old flat can motor that she had for many years finally gave up the ghost due to the many, many real miles of operation. I had a nice small Bheuler (Bachmann 0-4-0t) motor that seemed to work but after a week or so, that one burned up. Not to give up on #4, I looked in the "motor box" and found the one shown here.
Now, can anyone (besides Mr. Kephart who knows many things) tell anything about this piece of equipment?
No prizes to hand out, just the satisfaction of knowing a bit of history...oops, I've written enough!
Now #4 runs like she should...again.
Who knows the answer?


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