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 Posted: Mon Aug 21st, 2017 11:06 pm
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" Your 7005 is in far better nick than my 50+ year old version that has had the traction grooves worn off the wheels."

Hi John :wave:

Well I have to confess, it isn't exactly 'mine'.

Most of my original Tri-ang stuff, from when I was in short trousers ...

... is about as shot to pieces, as your Davy Crockett coach ! :shocked:

I actually bought the 7005 on eBay & had to look pretty hard to find one like that !! :cool:

- - - - - - -

13th Street Yard is my 'B' project, whilst I plow most of my modeling time at present, into my 1:35n2.

But finding bits & pieces for it & gathering ideas, is obviously ongoing.

I have this scenic idea for 13th Street Yard, which I can see in my mind ...

... but is tricky for me to draw out at this stage.

I'm thinking that 13th Street Yards scenery, is basically ALL bridges & electricity pylons.

I have looked at a couple of nice looking HO 'warehouse' type card-kits for possible 'flats' as well.

So I'm going to add a bit of this & that here, about whatever is going towards my ideas for it.

I've more or less already decided to use as many original 'Tri-ang Railways' products as possible.

13th Street Yard is intended to be a 'Tri-ang Transcontinental' layout.

Lines Bros. who made 'Tri-ang Railways' products, also had another brand called 'Model Land'.

I was lucky enough to find some fairly scarce 'Model Land' RML-61 pylons recently, which I like very much ! :)

An original unmade kit from way back, sometime in the '50s/'60s, not sure exactly when they first came out.




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