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 Posted: Sat Sep 9th, 2017 06:40 pm
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Hi George :wave:

My take on the maximum wheelbase would be ...

... whatever looks 'right' with your locos & other wagons.

The only thing I really worry about with longish 4-wheelers ...

... is possible 'overhang' at the ends, making the couplers potentially 'swing out' too much.

Keeping the wheelsets as close to the ends of the wagon as looks 'reasonable' is the answer to that one.

Depends a bit of course, on what couplers you're using as well.

Here's my 'cup-ended set-screw' method on an old 'Tri-ang' diescast HO underframe.

16.5mm gauge in this case & the screws are M3x3mm.

Sounds like FUN on the scratchbuild George !

I'm  s  l  o  w  l  e  y  doing a tender for my 1:35n2 Bachmann Porter 'upscale' ...

... I think for an R.C. setups, batteries, receiver & E.S.C. to go in.

R.C. can be 'affordable' even for bigger motors, my E.S.C only cost £2.54p inc. P&P ...

... & the 'FlySky' transmitter & receiver twin-pack, only cost me £16.00 inc. P&P.

Looks like it's going well there George, with your AC/DC motor stuff sorted as well. :thumb:




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