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 Posted: Sat Sep 9th, 2017 06:58 pm
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George Ruthven

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Thks Si.
Yes going well except I'am waiting for my 3 Lipo's from China. Ordered in June and July and if you're up to date with South Africa then you'll know it's become normal. ALL gov systems falling apart. Fingers crossed it may arrive in Sept. In the meantime I have to keep the grandson enthusiastic by building things;). A friend cast some plastic Lima/Rivarossi couplings and after some experimentation even added a wire for strength. I find the couplings rather finicky (with the last run we had around the lounge (borrowed batteries) they often uncouple which is irritating) and may still sit down and consider something unconventional such as the tie bars on one's car. I see the guys using them on their RC buggys.

Only because in retirement there's the time to reconsider the workings of the world.

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