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 Posted: Tue Sep 12th, 2017 04:07 pm
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Tony M

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I had a very bad start to this week , Monday my son lost his fight to MD Passed away just before mid day, he had a cardiac arrest soon as I realist he was in trouble I started CPR compression's while my wife was on the phone to the Ambo's they were here in ten minutes.

He went so fast soon after he stopped using the sip and puff ventilator, the Ambo's said I did all I could would not of helped , we are glad he went peacefully  in no  pain his specialist said and he only saw his doctor a few weeks back.

Friday e a special day when he be cremated Friday my wife and me will stand in the lounge room  together and play his favorite music Cold Play, special moment where we  will say good buy.

I always talked about him on the forum I  thought I had to let everyone know.

Tony from down under.


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