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 Posted: Thu Sep 14th, 2017 02:38 am
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Tony M

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Morning John, many thanks for the kind words, I still can't get around what has happened , sure has left a big hole in my heart, what is so hard we fought like cats and dogs when it was time to do stuff with him, but yet we had a lot of good times what I will miss dearly.

Yesterday I had some closure, we took  back to Prince Charles hospital his three ventilators back and cough  assist machine and thank the specialist one of  his specialist was there waiting for me to turn up and thanked him and the sleep clinic stuff for doing what they did for.I also donated his sip and puff adjustable arm so another boy could use they cost over $300. Sorry about you dog as well we had that many years back with our Chihuahua had to put her down, like your dog was a part of the family, yesterday we took here ashes to the crematorium  to go with our son .

His equipment is going today, bed next week, be setting up his computer in his room and using it till it packs up all together, won't be using the lap top much.

With Camdale I be in full swing Sunday pushing to get the layout up and running before Christmas not much time as we be going a way for a week over Christmas, I don't think we be staying here for ever will have to down size hopping a town house where I could set up a railway, stay as long as we can, just replaces two air- cons and ceiling fans.

How are you going with your layout John, crazy here was 32 degrees yesterday now 25 and tonight 1 degrees.

Thank you again for the kind words will take time to heal giving my wife some space.
Tony from QLD.

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