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 Posted: Sat Sep 16th, 2017 03:22 pm
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" thought it was important to clarify that aspect of the rule changes.
When reducing a massive grey area to a fine line "  -  James.

" one of the things I like best about buying and selling things in forums I participate in
is that I'm dealing with people I've established a relationship with."  -  Mike.

" You're right when you install mechanisms to save the forum from becoming
the playground for all sorts of spam and camouflaged advertising "  -  Helmut.

Hi Guys :wave:

Thanks very much for all your thoughts regarding advertising & product-placement on Freerails.

Just to clarify several things.

First of all, there are no "rule changes" at present.

The guidelines for offering PERSONAL ITEMS for sale, were Posted by Herb, way back when.

They are both simple & clear, as to how PERSONAL ITEMS for sale may be Posted on Freerails.

They are here :-

Herbs Guidelines For PERSONAL ITEM Sales

Couldn't be more straightforward.

Since being a Member of Freerails myself, I've seen less than 1/2 a dozen items offered by Members.

They have ALL without exception, been PERSONAL ITEMS of a model-railroading nature.

They have NOT been 'advertorials' for commercial company bulk-product sales.

Neither have they directed Members to commercial company sales-websites.

Not a problem whatsoever.

The principal problem being looked into at the moment is ...

" all sorts of spam and camouflaged advertising "

Freerails as you know, is not a place jammed full of RULES !

Not only is potential 'rule-making' tedious, but is largely un-needed.

There are of course UNWRITTEN RULES as well !

One of the most blindingly obvious 'Unwritten Rules', is that Freerails is a NON-COMMERCIAL SITE.

What is being looked into at present, is simply instances where existing 'Guidelines' are NOT being followed.

There seems to be an idea floating about, that if $$$ money isn't mentioned, then it's OK.

The 'Guidelines' however, are clearly stated in regard to PERSONAL ITEMS only.

There are NO 'Guidelines' regarding COMMERCIAL COMPANIES ...

... since Freerails is a NON-COMMERCIAL SITE.

I hope that illustrates the difference between PERSONAL and COMMERCIAL fully.




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