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 Posted: Fri Sep 22nd, 2017 11:00 pm
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Sorry guys, do not post much lately, the business is killing my time, but I find this a very interesting topic.

Also because the line between commercial and non commercial is very thin in my case.
I switched from woodworking to modeling a couple of years ago and have a pretty decent living out of my sales.
I'm not selling to the customer themself, but mainly through a selected dealer net.
Most of the green creations I posted here over the last 2 years, ended up as a product for sale.
Although I do not tell this item's for sale or any other reference where to buy.
I ask myself if I should I quit posting, because I have a certain commercial interest in showing?

The same for my weathering, most cars I show are ones from customers.
I get payed for painting. So I ask myself the same question here.

So help me out guys...

Regards Martin
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