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 Posted: Sat Oct 7th, 2017 01:27 am
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W C Greene wrote: OK, blast the seller...someone who "knows" the score would have told her that she was being taken...but there are many takers in this hobby. I have no idea what circles you travel in, but NOBODY I know in the hobby would have offered more money if they thought they were getting a screaming deal.
I know plenty of people in the hobby who try to negotiate retail prices at hobby shops for new items. I once saw a guy at model train show come back to a $1.00 item on a shared sales table I was manning, several times during the show, asking if I'd take 50 cents. By the end of the day, I'd gotten so tired of it, I smashed it to pieces and said that's that. He spent an entire day to try to get me down to FIFTY CENTS!
Now, all that's a little much even for me, but a good deal is a good deal.
I've never even heard of anyone in such a case saying, "Wow, fifty clams for all that? That's really worth several hundred, do you know that?"
I know there are some hobbies whereas people will brag about how much they spent for some things. Model train people (at least the ones I've ever known) will always brag about how LITTLE they had to spend.

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