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 Posted: Sun Oct 8th, 2017 07:17 pm
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The open car is a Bagnall car from 1884, made for an exhibition in Kalkutta. 

Ferd Mels once created and offered those kits, but they are no longer available. 
I had the opportunity to get his first built and painted car from him. 
I also have a kit of a second one, but it still isn't built.

Figures are very important to me, as you can't tell a story without characters.

I'm very glad that I recently had the opportunity to get some of the wonderful Figures Carlo Spirito once made for 7/8th scale.

Wills show them in the Figures section when I have them in paint.


modelling in 1:22.5 on 32mm and 16.5mm track
Actual project: 7/8" scale on 45 mm track
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