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 Posted: Tue Oct 24th, 2017 07:12 pm
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" I'm with Si. on going BPRC.  It doesn't have to be expensive.
I picked up a FlySky Tx and Rx, ESC, and LiPo battery for about $30.
Even at $30 per loco it's still a lot cheaper than installing DCC receivers."

Hi Michael :wave:

Strictly speaking, It doesn't have to be anything like as much as $30 per every single loco either ! :bg:

On the 2nd loco to be R.C.ed, you don't actually NEED another Transmitter ! :)

So the cost of the 2nd loco can just be ...

... the cost of another 'FlySky' receiver at just $4 inc. P&P each, + the E.S.C & battery costs.

For me in U.K. £s, the cost of a 2nd loco would be as follows :-

£3.84p inc. P&P - 'FlySky' Receiver.
£2.54p inc. P&P - E.S.C. Electronic Speed Controller.
£1.36p inc. P&P - LiPo battery.
£7.74p inc. P&P - TOTAL

So at $1.30c / £1.00p currency exchange-rate ...

... That's a grand total of ... ONLY $10.06c U.S. ... for me to fully fit a 2nd loco !! :shocked: :shocked: :shocked: :shocked: :shocked:

Top-quality & fully-modular 'FlySky' 2.4 GHz loco installations CAN be very very affordable indeed.

Just think outside the box ...

... Don't believe the hype ...

... & leave the Credit-Card at home !

You just need a $10 Dollar bill !! :shocked: :)




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