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 Posted: Tue Oct 24th, 2017 08:42 pm
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davecttr wrote: The problem with cheap hobbyist solutions is that is not what the market wants. Their ideal is a simple plug in receiver so they insert the batteries, switch on the controller and away they go. To do this you need a loco with a battery compartment.
That's exactly where the drawback is. Today's loco models have space for a DCC-decoder, and maybe a loudspeaker. So a complete PnP solution is not possible - you may have R/C, but still rail supply. This is no advantage compared to the present control system. You may take weight out to get that compartment, but at the cost of traction.To me, it will remain a niche ( very comfortable for me ) set apart from the mainstream, for a long time.

Regards, H.
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