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 Posted: Wed Oct 25th, 2017 02:00 am
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The thing about the Tam Valley solution was that enabled one to combine battery power and remote control with DCC. It was never meant to be a cheap solution, but in the context of what many modellers spend on buying multiple versions of new releases, not very expensive, either. I view a DCC loco module as a programmable microcomputer, with (in my case) programmable sounds. With the super capacitors now in use, I can go for simpler wiring, and simply not wire up anything like common crossings, but I was hoping to get completely away from powering the rails by using batteries and (eventually) induction charging.

I have the book, so I can make the basic tx and rx myself, but having just bought the rather nicely designed controller/command station, plus a receiver, I am left with an obsolete system.

Calling it dead rails was a mistake, but it wasn’t exactly advertised or promoted, either.

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